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I am a Senior Lecturer in the Australian National University.



Competitive pricing despite search costs when lower price signals quality.

Investing to access an adverse selection market.

Mathematica code.
Older version in which the seller observes the prices before entry.
Older version that allows a small positive costless entry probability.

Investing in trading opportunities in dynamic adverse selection.


Signalling with breakthroughs.

Corrigendum to "Managerial Incentive Problems: A Dynamic Perspective"

Dynamic noisy signalling.

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2018.
Online appendix. Slides.

Good signals gone bad: dynamic signalling with switched effort levels.

Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2017.

Universal type structures with unawareness.

Games and Economic Behavior, 2014. Working paper version.

Equivalence of the information structure with unawareness to the logic of awareness.

Journal of Economic Theory, 2012. Working paper version.


Australasian Economic Theory Workshop 2018
Economic Theory seminars 2017-2018


Australian National University

Topics in game theory (econ4476/8076, Honours and Masters course)

University of Queensland

Mathematical techniques for economics (econ7150, Masters course)
Microeconomics A (econ6010/8010, Honours and PhD course)


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