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Claims that placement officers do a great job

Those on the economics job market have probably heard statements in their department like “our placement officers do a great job” and “we place our students very well”. First, no university would say they place students badly, because then students would not apply there. Second, faculty members don’t want to be in committees, including placement, so if one faculty member said that another does a bad job in placement, then the immediate response would be: “You do it then, and do better.” Anticipating this, no faculty member will criticize another’s committee work quality.
Hence, an empirical project idea: how does the placement outcome (e.g. rank of institution making job offer) depend on student quality (e.g. papers published before graduating) and the placement committee and university fixed effects? The measures of quality and outcome are of course noisy, but the sample size (people on the job market) is fairly large.